To date 164 Eurodomes® have been installed in the UK and Ireland, some examples of these projects are shown below. If you require any further details on any of these schemes, then please contact us.


LD41 for North 
Lanarkshire Council

Operational and resilience store for up to 10,000 tonnes of salt. Groundworks and Eurodome® installation including lighting and ventilation


For Balfour Beatty/West Lothian Council

Two RD41 Eurodomes® at Whitehill, one for operational use (12,000 tonnes) and the other as a strategic store (15,000 tonnes). Included R/C slabs, Eurodome® construction, ventilation and lighting


LD46 for Highways England Area 3 Enterprise Mouchel.

Strategic store for 22,000 tonnes of salt. Concrete pad construction, Eurodome® installation with roll shutter door, solar panels & lighting/ventilation


LD27 for Gloucestershire County Council in the Forest of Dean

Operational depot.4,000 tonnes capacity. Dome r/c wall clad in timber at planners request


For Dorset County

Operational depot. Eurodome® barrel building to suit rectangular site. To hold 5,000 tonnes of salt. Groundworks including piling, Eurodome® installation, lighting and ventilation


Hardendale depot M6

At one of the most exposed Highways England operational depots in England an elliptical DE25x32 Eurodome® holding 4,500 tonnes of salt