At Eurodome® we are passionate about safety, quality and the environment.
We strive to do it right first time.

Our experienced installation subcontractor has an excellent safety record built on specialist training, supervision and assessing and taking on board lessons from previous projects. We engage external safety advisors to oversee our working methods. Full RAMS are prepared and issued before any work commences.

Our Eurodome® timber barn is a unique product. With a strong, lightweight design that has evolved over 40 years the use of wood from sustainable sources makes it ideal for storing bulk, corrosive products. Factory panel production ensures accuracy and minimal waste with short installation time on site. The low height and small frontal area of the Eurodome® means a smaller visual impact compared with portal structures and planners like the colour choice which ensures the building blends into its surroundings.

A Eurodome® barn offers a ‘fit and forget’ option with minimal maintenance over a long service life which will pay back within a few years whilst ensuring good quality salt for spreading and protection of local watercourses from the harmful effects of salt brine.